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Sponsor a Tree

Please consider sponsoring a tree if you would like to contribute to the garden.   We have already planted many fruit trees sponsored by individuals & community groups.  A tree sponsorship is a perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or memorial.


Your sponsored tree will be planted & nurtured with the greatest of care by members of the garden. If it fails at any time it will be replaced.  Each tree will be individually tagged with your name or the person it is dedicated to.

As part of the sponsorship we will:

  • Provide an attractive certificate recognising your sponsorship

  • Photograph or video you with your tree if you wish

  • Add your sponsorship details to our tree register on our web site.


Sponsorship costs
Bronze sponsorship – $35.00
Silver sponsorship – $50.00
Gold Sponsorship – $100.00


Many thanks to our sponsors below!

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